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Fashion & Beauty Marketplace ( www.eFashly.com ) is a unique B2B online Wholesale Marketplace operates in 30 countries across Europe; which allows manufacturers & distributers of different Fashion & Beauty products, to sell online directly to retailers & shopkeepers. This IT platform has been created keeping in mind the concept of Bulk Buying and Selling of products in Europe. We aim to remove physical, social and cultural barriers, and allow retailers to easily buy various products, at the best possible prices online.

This platform has been created specially for Manufacturers & Distributers. We cater to various clients, be it Shopkeepers, Retailers or Wholesalers.

The benefits of connecting on our B2B platform:

  1. Increased opportunities to connect to a larger customers database; higher visibility in the online market and better digital promotion of your products/services.
  2. Track and Trace system used for delivery, thus decreasing risk factors involved in shipment.
  3. Ensured collection and transfer of payments, for your products.
  4. Online Dashboard for each seller/buyer on eFashly.com Marketplace; access through secured login and password to view and edit; product listings, orders, payment details etc.
  5. More benefits, include Leads to Expand Business, Export to 30 countries across Europe,  Digital Marketing, Different Modes of Payment, and much more.

With the current substantial increase in online shopping; e-commerce is the new wave in the global market. Remote working conditions and lockdowns have moved customers to alternate markets (online). How we can change our mode of working and still increase business is what makes e-commerce and Fashion & Beauty Marketplace  ( www.eFashly.com ) an exciting venture to work with.

Come join us, and be a part of this exciting B2B journey.

Happy Shopping!


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